Nike unveils new Vapor irons family

Nike Golf’s rivals may find it difficult trying to evict the company’s newest family as Vapor irons look set take the golfing world by storm.

The Nike Vapor Pro Blade irons and Pro Combo irons are already getting a lot of admiring glances, and not just from would-be purchasers. The brand’s staff players, including Tiger Woods and World No.1 Rory McIlroy, may be considering transitioning into them in the coming months, as was evidenced by Rory using a Vapor Driver at the recent Ryder Cup. And the general consensus is simple: if Rory can let go of his VR_S Covert 2.0 driver, which has helped earn him a ton of silver wear this season, in favour of the flashy volt-coloured Vapor range, surely greener pastures lie in having a bag full of the new equipment?

The overriding feeling right now is that Nike has done something which many perhaps thought no longer possible: introduce new impetus in golf gear and make golfer’s fall in love all over again with their irons.

But of course very few of us possess the skills and wizardry of the Woods’ and McIlroys’ of this world, so does that mean these irons aren’t for us? Not according to Nike, which has created the excellent Vapor Speed iron set – ideal for recreational players more interested in distance and forgiveness than Tour-level control.

“Realistically, these clubs have very much been designed like metalwoods,” Nate Radcliffe, Nike Golf’s director of engineering, in reference to the 3- through 7-irons recently explained.

Each is a hollow-bodied club made of 431 stainless steel, and each has been designed with a centre of gravity (CG) position that is low and back, away from the hitting surface. Players who have a slower swing speed and frequently mis-hit shots will hit the ball higher and farther that little bit easier with one of these irons in hand.

The CG is positioned so low and deep that it has allowed Nike to make each Vapor Speed iron ½-inch longer than standard and strengthen the lofts by 3 degrees compared to the game-enhancing Vapor Pro irons. As an added benefit, the Speed irons maintain the high launch angles that most mid to high handicap golfers want to play with.

“The face itself has been prepped like a metalwood,” Radcliffe added. “It’s been laser-welded, forged and then machined to 2.7 millimeters (in the center) and 2.2 millimeters around the outside. It’s made from Sub 10, a very strong steel alloy.”

A look behind the face of the back of the club reveals two supporting bars called Fly Beams, which are said to increase players stability.

Beginning with the 8-iron, the set transitions into pocket-cavity irons for greater precision and feel on every approach shot.

“We believe that the 8-iron is a pretty natural breaking point,” Radcliffe said. “Most players get a little less distance focused and start to get a little more control focused.”

Like the Nike Vapor Pro Combo long irons, the cavity behind the face has been filled with the same resin, and the material is lighter and softer than the steel found in the rest of the club. This works to increase its moment of inertia across the face and softens impact for enhanced feel and performance.

The cherry on the proverbial cake comes in the form of a viscoelastic medallion positioned on the back of the club to further enhance a feel that one would think couldn’t be improved upon any further already.

The Nike Vapor Pro Blade irons, Pro Blade irons and Speed Blade irons will be instrumental for golfers upon release, and they will be available both in store and online at american golf, so keep checking back for updates on their release.

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Cobra Golf introduces new Fly-Z Fairway Woods & Hybrids

Cobra Golf is saturating the news pages today after officially announcing the impending launches of its new Fly-Z family of clubs – drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons – in what is set to be one of the most anticipated releases in the company’s illustrious history. In this article, we’re going to be talking about the new Fly-Z Fairway Woods and Hybrids, which feature the all-new Speed Channel technology for more speed across the face and increased distance off mis-hits with a zone weighting in the head for lower, deeper centre of gravity (CG).

With greater distance and increased forgiveness derived from Cobra’s exclusive Speed Channel, players are able to enjoy their game like never before. The Speed Channel is an engineered trench surrounding the face that helps to minimize face thickness and provide increased golf ball speeds across the face, thus resulting in outstanding distance. The thin, high-strength 465 stainless steel face plate insert utilised in the fairway woods measure 3023 mm2, while the Fly-Z sweet spot is now 20% larger and 18% thinner than previous models.

“Performance advancements in our fairways and hybrids also come with Zone Weighting which delivered improved CG positioning both low and centered behind the center of the face area,” explained Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing for COBRA Golf. ”While these internal technologies are not visible to the golfer, performance gains can be easily noticed and easily attributed to the Speed Channel face.”

Crown Zone Weighting has been cleverly added to the Fly-Z clubs by removing weight from the crown and then repositioning it low in the back of the head for a low, deep CG. Golfers are then able to use a fairway wood and hybrid club to achieve forgiveness so extreme on off-centre hits that, when coupled with the excellent distance off the face, will seem almost unfair on their opponents.

A lot of early interest in the new Cobra Golf range has been geared towards the Fly-Z+ Fairway Woods, which feature a tour-inspired compact head designed to deliver maximum distance from the tee or fairway with greater accuracy and control. Where Cobra has combined the stainless steel tour head and new Speed Channel Face with front CG Zone Weighting, the Fly-Z+ provides golfers with more distance from their fairway wood. Fly-Z+ fairways also benefit from Cobra’s excellent proven technologies including Forged E9 Zone Face Weighting, and MyFly8 and SmartPad which allows the golfer to choose from eight simple, adjustable loft/trajectory settings to dial in maximum distance, manage trajectory and optimize yardage gaps on any course. SmartPad delivers a square face at address regardless of loft/trajectory settings.

If you’re a golfer seeking easy distance from anywhere then the Fly-Z XL fairway woods and hybrids are perfect for you as they incorporate a low, back CG, Crown Zone Weighting with an offset head design to better maximise launch and also feature Cobra’s revolutionary Speed Channel Face for more forgiveness and incredible distance from the fairway.

The Cobra Golf Fly-Z Fairway Woods and Hybrids will be landing soon at american golf, but in the meantime why not check out the full range of Cobra Golf products which are available now.

Cobra Golf’s announcements continue with Fly-Z Irons

Cobra Golf’s announcements continue as the company reveals that it will also be releasing Fly-Z and Fly-Z XL irons as part of the expanded line of the Fly-Z family. These irons are said to be engineered for golfers of all levels, delivering superior feel, maximum distance and excellent consistency on every shot.

“The Fly-Z family of irons is designed to provide performance for golfers of all levels by addressing a wide span of performance needs,” said Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing at COBRA Golf. “Our two game-changing irons, the Fly-Z and Fly-Z XL irons were designed to blend distance with feel while offering forgiveness and consistency.”

Cobra Golf has borrowed from its Fly-Z line of metalwoods to give the irons revolutionary Speed Channel technology – a visible trench positioned on both the cavity behind the face as well as on the sole of the irons. This has been designed to flex and recover at impact, while also delivering superb distance through faster golf ball speeds. The irons modern, enticing head shape combined with the Speed Channel make sure higher speeds across the face yield a combination of distance, forgiveness and feel in every swing.

Of the few who have played a little with these irons, the remarkable feel is said to come from the harmonic cavity insert that includes an engineered Thermoplastic Urethane insert positioned directly behind the impact zone for vibration damping and much improved feel at impact. When combined with extremely deep cavity undercutting and heel and toe weighting (Zone Weighting Technology), Fly-Z Irons are truly game-changers for all golfers.

Moving onto the oversized yet traditionally shaped Fly-Z XL Irons now. These little beauties are designed to give golfers a confidence boost at address while delivering easy and achievable distance through consistently higher trajectories. The dual hollow cavity design allows for a deeper, lower CG that offers easy up and easy distance. In addition to these advancements, the hollow construction allows for a thinner face that, along with the Speed Channel, is able to bring to the fore additional golf ball speed, incredible distance and even a save on weight. The progressive offset design helps create easy draw, too.

The Fly-Z XL Combo Set combines two different cavity designs. Wedges – 9i incorporate a traditional undercut design for precision and control through the golfer’s hands, while the 8i – 4i feature a dual cavity hollow design that results in low, back centre of gravity enabling players to achieve hits higher and further. The combo set, which includes the dual cavity design hollow and cavity back irons, also include three Fly-Z XL Hybrids that deliver exceptional distance, forgiveness and easy up performance.

The Cobra Fly-Z family, including drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons, will be arriving soon at american golf, so keep checking back for updates on their release. In the meantime, feel free to check out the full range of Cobra Golf products we have available right now to give your game some added bite.

Cobra Golf unveils the Fly-Z Driver Family

Cobra Golf, one of the leaders in golf club innovation and excellent performance, has lifted the veil on its latest adjustable weight technology range with the Fly-Z+ Driver, which features the all-news FlipZone weight technology – a revolutionary, moveable weight system engineered to provide players with two different flight paths in one club that enables maximum distance for any swing and any golfer. Alongside this, Cobra also introduces the Fly-Z and Fly-Z XL drivers, making up a delightful family of clubs ready to drop in time for the new season.

Starting with the Fly-Z+ Driver, this is sure to be the club garnering most of the attention due to its generous offering of technology, notably FlipZone; allowing golfers to choose between two different centre of gravity positions.

If a player was to place the gold-coloured, 15-gram FlipZone insert in the forward position in the sole of the driver, the club would deliver a CG that is low and forward. Should they place it in the rearward position, it would produce a CG that is low and back in the clubhead.

The idea behind this design is intended to be very easy and effective for players to choose between the two prominent CG locations that are currently being hotly debated by golfers and brands alike – use what you think works better.

“Flip it and rip it,” said Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Golf’s vice president of research and development. “In our research we are finding that 60 percent of amateur golfers prefer it in the back, while 40 percent like it in the front. The front is more penetrating, with maximum distance and more roll. The back gives a more towering flight, with more carry. We don’t want people to automatically think the front is longer than that back. We find that people who like it back will hit it farther in the back position, and those who choose the front will hit it better that way.”

Rickie Fowler, Cobra Golf athlete and PGA Tour Pro, speaking about the Cobra Golf Fly-Z+ Driver: “I’m really excited about the new Fly-Z+ driver. In our early prototype testing I saw the positive effects the two settings could have on ball flight. For me, the front CG setting yielded the ball flight I want to see on the course, The adjustable loft setting COBRA introduced last year was a huge advantage to my game, but now adding this new Zone Weighting to fine tune ball flight is really game-changing.”

Next up is the Fly-Z Driver, which includes the 15-gram weight secured in the back position. Unlike the Fly-Z+ however, it cannot be moved.

The club is engineered to deliver the ultimate blend of maximum distance and increased forgiveness, while the low, back CG Zone Weighting delivers low spin, mid-high launch and faster golf ball speeds right across the face.

“The Fly-Z Driver is positioned as one of the most forgiving drivers currently in the marketplace, yet it doesn’t sacrifice distance,” said Olsavsky. “The 460cc Driver offers a slightly larger address profile that enabled our engineers to create the most forgiving driver that COBRA Golf has ever made.”

The E9 Zone Face structure and Crown Zone Weighting combine beautifully to create a large amount of discretionary weight in an all-titanium driver. The weight that is saved is strategically positioned low and back in the head, where the back zone weight is located. (Note: the Fly-Z driver in its fixed, back CG position yields approximately 1 degree of increased launch angle and approximately 300 RPM’s of additional spin than the Fly-Z+ driver in the back FlipZone position, and is more stable on off-center hits).

Crammed in with the rest of the technology is MyFly8 – allowing golfers to choose from eight simple adjustable loft/trajectory settings (9.0o-12.0o) to maximize distance and manage trajectory, while SmartPad delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting. The Fly-Z driver is available in five colors (Black, White, Blue, Orange and Red) in RH/LH in Lite, Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff flexes. Featuring a 6-4 Titanium body with a Forged 6-4 Titanium face, Fly-Z driver comes with a graphite, Matrix VLCT SP shaft and Lamkin REL 360 grip.

Cobra Golf has also made sure to reconfigure the Fly-Z technology for women golfers so that the CG, lofts (10.5o – 13.5o) and overall performance is better maximised for a slower swing speed. The women’s Fly-Z Driver is available in three colours (subject to availability): Raspberry, Silver Flower Pearl and Ultramarine. It features a Graphite, Matrix VLCT SP shaft in ladies flex with a Winn Wrap grip.

Last but by no means least is the Fly-Z XL Driver. Engineered to help make golf easier through the use of higher draw-biased ball flights which can deliver easy distance, this is a club that will turn a lot of heads on the golf course. A 460cc, all-titanium head features a slightly lower profile face combined with an offset hosel to deliver the trajectory often needed by seniors, women and beginning golfers.

The Fly-Z XL driver, being the only offset driver in the marketplace, offers up to 17.5 yards of draw bias. (Note: Robot testing revealed that even vs. Fly Z in its draw position, the XL Driver offers 10.5 additional yards of draw bias, making this the perfect driver for slice correction or easy up.)

Speed Channel Face with Forged E9 Face Weighting, Crown Zone Technology and an all-titanium head saves weight and helps players achieve a back position that yields greater forgiveness and draw bias. The high MOI sole geometry combined with an offset design makes the Fly-Z XL that much easier to hit straight by correcting slices, increasing stability and maintaining excellent distance. Fly-Z XL features a Graphite, Matrix shaft and is available in 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5° in Stiff, Regular or Lite flexes in right-handed or left-handed models. The Driver has a Lamkin REL 360 Grip.

The new Cobra Golf Fly-Z Driver Family will be arriving soon to american golf both in-store and online, so keep checking back for updates.

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Golf Umbrellas: Everything you need to know

Golf umbrellas are important accessories for a player’s bag. When the weather goes south, an umbrella can be your best friend on a rain-whipped green – protecting both you and your clubs.

There are several things to consider when buying an umbrella, including its dimensions, wind resistance, shaft material and colour scheme. This buying guide will give you the best advice for choosing the right golf umbrella this winter and beyond.

Many golfers own an umbrella and use it regularly on the course. However, it is likely that a good percentage of those players got their umbrella either through a promotion offered by the manufacturer while buying something else or by quickly grabbing the first one which took their eye without considering whether it was really any good for them.

Freebies are great and should definitely be accepted when offered – especially if it saves money – but that should not be the end of the story. As well as keeping that free umbrella, why not also invest some time in choosing an umbrella which meets your requirements long-term; at the end of the day this is your game and no one else’s. Every player wants to feel comfortable, dry and safe on the golf course, and sometimes the only way to achieve that is by seeking out the best products.

At american golf we stock a great range of golf umbrellas both in-store and online, including our very own american golf Umbrella, so we’re confident you will find what you need with us. Speaking with fellow golfers and of course our PGA Pro’s, rule of thumb suggests the bigger umbrella you own, the better it will perform – and if it can be comfortably handled without blowing away, then you’re onto a winner.

Not many golfers have the privilege of a caddie accompanying them around the course, so purchasing an umbrella to keep golf clubs and bags dry when addressing the ball and playing shots is an excellent way to prolong the life of the equipment and reduce club head slippages when taking crucial swings.

By purchasing an umbrella with at least a 60-inch span will ensure it is large enough to keep equipment dry during play. Some of the best golf umbrellas with a 60-inch span and above includes the Titleist Double Canopy Umbrella, Callaway Golf 64” Double Canopy Chev Umbrella, PING 68″ Tour Umbrella and the Fazer Golf Umbrella to name just a few.

These days any golf umbrella worth investing in has been subjected to intense wind tunnel testing and will sometimes be marked with the wind levels that they can reasonably tolerate before falling apart.

Buy umbrellas which are able to withstand very high wind speeds and adverse weather conditions to make sure it will perform when the moment arrives when it is needed for some quick protection. Unfortunately a lot of golfers still do not concern themselves with making sure the umbrella they are purchasing has been fully tested. An easy way to check is to ask a member of staff in-store or read the online product description which will indicate how effective the umbrella performs in strong weather.

The Nike Golf 68″ Windsheer Umbrella, Cleveland Golf Gustbuster Umbrella, PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella, Nike Golf Windproof VI Umbrella and Asbri Golf Double Canopy Evo-Storm Umbrella Range all offer excellent wind and storm resistance on the golf course.

Every golf umbrella will have shaft material based on what the company which designed it feels would look and feel the best. For this reason, there’s no right or wrong shaft material to buy.

To put it bluntly, using a fibreglass shaft rather than steel significantly decreased the chances of being struck by lightning while on the golf course. It sounds silly, and it’s incredibly rare, but it can and does happen so that’s why some golfers prefer to reduce the risk. Of course we would also recommend that, should players notice lightning above their heads, that they leave the golf course regardless of whether or not they are using a fibreglass umbrella shaft.

Fibreglass is very lightweight; lighter than steel in fact. It also allows the umbrella to flex and adjust to blustery weather quickly and effortlessly. The Callaway Golf X2 Hot Umbrella, Nike Golf Single Canopy Umbrella, Nike Golf 68″ Windsheer Umbrella, PowaKaddy Wind Safe Umbrella, Nike Golf Windproof VI Umbrella and Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Umbrella all have fibreglass shafts or are much safer against the risk of lightning strikes.

Rubber, graphite and EVA shafts are also available, so have a look and see which umbrella and shaft material takes your fancy.

Be safe, be visible. Golf umbrellas can and do serve an important function outside of keeping players and golf equipment dry. An umbrella will make a player more visible on the golf course, which is particularly useful in poor lighted conditions and overcast mornings.

Bright, vivid colours will protect you from stray golf balls and assure injuries are far less common.

Umbrella holders are excellent accessories and will help players and their equipment remain dry throughout a round. Umbrella holders can be designed for particular golf trolleys or carts, or may be made for universal use, meaning they fit 99% of trolleys and carts. For example, the Universal Trolley Umbrella Holder and PowaKaddy Golf Universal Umbrella Holder can be attached to any trolley or cart and will work an absolute dream on the golf course.

Other notable golf umbrella trolley holders include: Motocaddy Umbrella Holder, Clicgear Umbrella Holder, PGA Tour Golf Umbrella Holder, Masters Golf iCart Umbrella Holder, Masters Golf Umbrella Holder, BIG MAX Quickfix Pro Umbrella Holder, PowerBug Umbrella Holder.

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